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Wiki General Preferences tab

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Use this tab to set the primary wiki options.

To Access
From the Administer Wiki page, click the General Preferences tab.

General  Preferences tab
General Preferences tab

Setting Description Default
Wiki Enables the Wiki feature
Home Page Landing page used for wiki when no page is specified. The page will be created if it does not exist. HomePage
Page display
Page Description If enabled a description can be entered when editing a page and descriptions will be displayed below the page name when viewing a page.
Page Name as Page Title Display the page name at the top of each page as page title. If not enabled, the page content should be structured to contain a header. If disabled no title will be displayed (and it will be hard to know what page you are editing!). Enabled
Display page name above page If enabled, Tiki will display the page name in small text at the top of each page (above the page's content)
Page ID If enabled, the page's unique numeric ID will be displayed when viewing the page.
Page version Display the page version information when viewing the page. As of Tiki 5.0, this information is only displayed when the List authors preference is enabled.
List Authors Changes the list format used to display the authors of the page. Listing options include last modification date/time and page version (if the Page version preference is enabled).
Allow override per page If enabled, you can override the List Authors setting on a per-page basis.
Show/hide heading icon displayed before the heading: For use with the !!- or !!+ syntax. Checking will display the showhide switch at the left of the heading, otherwise it displays below.
Wiki action bar location: Specify the location (Top, Bottom, or Both) of the edit buttons (such as Save, Preview, and Cancel) when editing wiki pages. Bottom
Wiki navigation bar location: Specify the the locaiton of the wiki pagination links (next and previous) when using the …page… wiki syntax. Bottom
Wiki top line location:
Wiki buttons: Specify the location (Top, Bottom, or Neither) of the wiki-specific options (such as Backlinks, Page Description, and so on) Top
Encourage contribution to wiki pages by anonymous If enabled, the Edit link will be available on all wiki pages. If the user does not have the necessary permission, he will be prompted to login/register first.
Page Name
Wiki link format: Used to control recognition of Wiki links using the two parenthesis Wiki link syntax: ((page name)) .
* Complete: allows anything at all but is not guaranteed to be bug-free or secure.
Note that this only affects the Wiki syntax ((page name)) . It does not affect recognition of the Wiki naming convention of Smashed words starting with capital letters (example: ThisIsSomePage).
* Strict: Only be basic characters like a-z and 0-9. If you have accented or special characters in page names, you should not use strict.
Prevent special characters in page names
Page name display stripper:
Content templates If enabled, users editing a Wiki page can select a template for the page. A template is a pre-defined content for a Wiki page. See Content Templates to learn how to create templates for wiki pages.
Warn on edit conflict If enabled then when a user is editing a page the edit button will be colored red and the name of the user editing the page will be displayed as a tooltip. If the user saves or cancels his or her edit or if the indicated amount of time passes the edit button will be displayed normally. This feature is useful to prevent collisions when editing pages.
Edit idle timeout: minutes Select the amount of time (in minutes) after which a user's edit session will expire. If the user does not save or preview their work, it will be lost. Tikiwiki will display a "countdown time" in the user's browser and display an alert when only a minute remains.
Save draft
Footnotes If enabled logged users can write personal footnotes when editing a page. The footnotes will be displayed only to the user who edited them immediately below the Wiki page. This can be used as a good way to let users make personal notes and observations about pages.
Allow HTML
Warn before page lock timeout
Edit section
Edit section level:
Toggle display of section and plugin edit icons
Allow minor edits Reset to default Minor edits do not flag new content for translation and do not send watch notifications (unless "Watch minor edits" is enabled). Only user groups granted the tiki_p_minor permission (and admins) will be able to save minor edits when this is enabled. Permission
Force and limit categorization to within subtree of: Require users to select a category when editing/saving wiki pages.
Log bytes changes (+/-) in action logs May impact performance
Mandatory edit summary on wiki pages Require users to enter a comment/description when editing and saving wiki pages.

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