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A new option to create PDF's from within Tiki was introduced and available at least since Tiki6. See General Admin panel for information about it, under the "General Settings tab" section.

You can choose at PDF from URL between:
  • Using Webkit with wkhtmltopdf
    which needs to be downloaded separatedly from http://code.google.com/p/wkhtmltopdf/ and uploaded to the server where tiki is. Since it is needed you have to check whether the PHP function shell_exec is allowed to be executed under tiki-admin_security.php.
  • Using some webservice on internet

For more information, see:

Or instead, you can use free software pdf printers, such as:

With that pdf printer software, you can print a full structure of wiki pages (like a wiki book) to pdf. In addition, if you want to produce some nice table of contents for the paginated structure, you can do so easily by using a text editor such as Open Office. org. See the video tutorial in http://tikiwiki.org/TikiWikiTV explaining the whole process.

You can also use PluginArchiveBuilder.

Since Tiki9, you have the option to print a slideshow directly in a PDF file. See: dompdf

To include a PDF in a page, see: PluginMediaPlayer

See also: Printing the Documentation

If you were looking for the pdf file that includes the whole All the Documentation, please see:

The older PDF feature was removed in Tiki 2.0 after various attempts with 2 (or 3?) PDF librairies. Instead, visitors can create a PDF from any Tiki page by using a client-side, browser plugin such as:


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