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Plugin Carousel

Introduced in Tiki8

Use this plugin to display images in a self-advancing carousel. The plugin uses the infinite carousel Jquery module to display the images of a filegallery. It will produce something similar to http://themes.tiki.org/infinite_carousel. The library can be found at http://www.catchmyfame.com/catchmyfame-jquery-plugins/

Note: This plugin requires the Can view file galleries (tiki_p_view_file_gallery) permission.


Required parameters are in bold
Preferences required: wikiplugin_carousel, feature_file_galleries, feature_jquery_carousel
Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
fgalId ID ID number of the file gallery that contains the images to be displayed
sort_mode fieldname_asc or fieldname_desc with actual table field name in place of 'fieldname'. Sort by database table field name, ascending or descending. Examples: fileId_asc or name_desc. created_desc
transitionSpeed number The time (in milliseconds) it will take to transition between two images. 1500
displayTime number The time (in milliseconds) to display each image. 6000
textholderHeight real between 0 and 1 The height of the caption. This is a fraction of the height of the images. .2
displayProgressBar 1
thumbnailType none
Display thumbnails, number, count etc. none
thumbnailWidth text Width of thumbnail box in CSS units (default "20px") 20px
thumbnailHeight text Height of thumbnail box in CSS units (default "20px") 20px
autoPilot 1
Move the carousel automatically when the page loads (default Yes). 1
displayThumbnails 1
Legacy v2 param: Display thumbnails. 1
displayThumbnailNumbers 1
Legacy v2 param: Display place numbers in the thumbnail boxes. 1
displayThumbnailBackground 1
Legacy v2 param: Use corresponding image as background for a thumbnail box. 1
thumbnailFontSize CSS units Legacy v2 param: Font size of thumbnail box in CSS units (default ".7em"). .7em
displaySize Real between 0 and 1, or integer over 10 In case your picture is too large, you can specify a scale between 0 and 1 to reduce it, or a maximum size in pixels 1


This code:
{carousel fgalId=6}

Would result on this site:


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