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RSS Feeds Details

Since version 1.9 Tiki uses an external library for generating rss output: Kai Blankenhorn's FeedCreator.

Earlier versions of tiki provide the following output formats:
  • ATOM 0.3 (since Tiki 1.8.1)
  • RSS 1.0 - RDF Site Summary 1.0 (fixed for Tiki 1.7.1)
  • RSS 2.0 - RDF Site Summary 2.0 (since Tiki 1.8)
  • any of those with attached stylesheet for better display in browsers

Tiki 1.9.x and newer provide the following output formats, using Kai Blankenhorn's LGPL library FeedCreator:
  • ATOM 0.3
  • HTML
  • MBOX
  • OPML
  • PIE 0.1
  • RSS 0.91
  • RSS 1.0
  • RSS 2.0
  • some of those with attached stylesheet for better display in browsers

Typical uses


trackerIdIdMandatoryId of the tracker
sort_modesort stringOptionalSort of the items (default: created_asc, created_desc(tw>=4.0))
noIdy or nOptionalDo not short the item Id (default: do not show the itemId)

The text that is shown is the value of the field named subject if exists , otherwise, the value of the field named summary, or name or title, or topic, otherwise the first test field .

Tikiwiki is known as a toolkit at http://www.syndic8.com (ToolkitInfo).

tw.org's links are known there as follows:


Site Language


These keywords serve as "hubs" for navigation within the Tiki documentation. They correspond to development keywords (bug reports and feature requests):

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