Module switch_lang

This Module allows visitors to change the language of the Tiki site interface (menus, module titles, and so on.). The switch_lang2 module also provides a way to change the interface language.


You will see it listed at ""Admin > Modules > Assign new module > Module Name (drop down)" (tiki-admin_modules.php).

You can assign a this Module to a lateral column (See Module Admin page if needed), or you can include it within a wiki page, using the PluginModule.

You can also include the module in a wiki page by using:

{MODULE(module=>switch_lang, title=TITLE, flip=>y|n, nobox=>y|n, decorations=y|n)}{MODULE}


  • title: The title of the module box. The default is Language
  • flip:
    This option requires that nobox = n.
  • nobox: If y, do not draw a box around the module. The default is n (a box will be drawn).
    This option requires that decorations = y.
  • decorations: If n, the flip and nobox options will be ignored. The default is y.

The assigned module looks like this:

The switch_lang module

The list of available languages is determined by the language files currently installed in your lang directory:

Language files in the LANG folder.

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