'Log in' Module (login_box)

This Module allows users to login to Tiki. Based on your selections on the Admin: Login page, there may be additional fields on the module:

  • If you enable the Users can register option, the module will include a link to the Registration form.
  • If you enable the Remind passwords option, the module will include a link to the I Forgot My Password form.
  • If you enable the Remember me option, the module will include a Remember Me checkbox.
  • If you enable the HTTPS login option, the module will include links to use standard or secure login.
  • If you enable OpenID authentication, the module will include an OpenID field.

After logging in, the module will change to include a Logout button. If you have permissions, the module will also include a field that allows you to "switch" to another user's login.

Tip: If the Login was removed from the left or right column, you can access the login page directly by using:



You will see it listed at "Admin > Modules > Assign new module > Module Name (drop down)" (tiki-admin_modules.php).

You can assign this Module to a lateral column (See Module Admin page if needed).

The assigned module (with its default values) looks like this:

Log In



Parameters Accepted Values Description Default Since
input_size int Number of characters for username and password input fields.
mode Display mode: module, header or popup. Leave empty for module mode
register alpha Show the register link (y/n)
forgot alpha Show the "I forgot my password" link (y/n)
remember alpha Show the "Remember me" checkbox (y/n)
show_user_avatar alpha Show the user avatar when in popup mode (y/n)
show_user_name alpha Show the user name when in popup mode (y/n)
groups If this parameter is empty, all users are offered in the Switch user drop-down. If this parameter is set to a list of user groups, a user is only offered if it is member of at least one of these. A set of groups is specified with their identifiers (integers) separated by pipe characters ("|").
menu_id int Menu to use as the dropdown in "popup" mode. Defaults to a built in menu with only "My Account" and "Logout"

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