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The featured links section manages links. You can enter as many links as you want and a user module displays the links in the order that you want. Clicking the links will open the site in a frame inside the central section of Tiki. Statistics are kept about the number of times that featured links are visited and you can automatically order featured links by the number of hits they have.

The featured links admin panel screen lets you enter links that will be displayed in the featured links module.

You can access the screen to admin the featured links by following the 'links' link from the admin menu. Or copy and paste this on the tail end of your site's URL:


In this screen you can enter links, remove or edit existing links and set the position for each link in the featured links modules. Links with position = 0 won't be displayed, so you can use that number to temporarily disable a link without removing it from the listing.

You can select the opening type for each link that can be:

  • Replace current window (a normal link)
  • New window (a normal link opened in a new window)
  • Framed (The page will be opened as an iframe inside the Tiki window)

You will also have an option to automatically generate the positions for featured links using the number of hits (visits) which each link has.

Then, go to Admin->Modules. Select "Featured links" module in Assign new module operation. You can position the list of featured links on the left section or right section. On click of these links, the external pages will be opened .

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