About Backlink Feature

Backlinks are very important features in wikis. They anser the question "What links here?". Backlinks appears at the top right of wiki pages.

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If a page is renamed, Tiki automatically updates all of its backlinks.

Use the tiki_p_view_backlink permission to allow or restrict who can view a page's backlinks.

Activate Backlinks feature via Admin Wiki page.

Backlinks are a Wiki feature that can be enabled on the Features tab of the Admin Wiki page.

  1. From the Admin Features page, click the Wiki icon
    The Admin Wiki page (tiki-admin.php?page=wiki) appears.
  2. From the Admin Wiki page, click the Features tab.
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  3. Click Change Preferences.

To set the necessary permission for this feature, click the Key icon.

NOTE: If you are having trouble with backlinks showing up, try clearing the cache and checking the group permissions for this feature.

Activate Backlinks feature via Plugin

It can also be done with PluginBacklinks so you can put anywhere.



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